Hoo boy, we had a LOT of Afternoon Chats this year — in part because the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes seriously curtailed red carpet events, and we needed something to do. The good news? It was a blast! Check these out, revisit your favorites, and/or spend some time with chats you might have missed! I’ve organized them vaguely by category.


What’s Your Go-To Holiday Cookie Recipe?

Give a Last Minute Holiday Suggestion, Get a Last Minute Holiday Suggestion

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Let’s Start Talking Turkey

 Tell Us About the Best Halloween Costume You Ever Wore?

 If You Can Only Eat ONE Halloween Candy For the REST of Your Life…

What Are You Reading/Listening To?

What Are You Reading? (December)

 What’s Your Current Favorite Cookbook?

What Are You Reading? (September)

What’s Your Favorite Newsletter?

What Are You Reading? (July)

 If You Were the Editor in Chief of a Magazine…

What Are You Reading Right Now? (June)

 What Book Are You Most Looking Forward to Reading This Summer?

What Are You Reading Right Now? (April)

What Are You Reading Right Now?  (February)

What’s Your Current Must-Listen Podcast? (July)

Your Afternoon Chat: What’s Your Current Favorite Podcast? (January)

Your Holy Grail Series:

 Your Holy Grail Hand Cream

Your Holy Grail Work-Out Gear

Your Holy Grail Tights

Your Holy Grail Makeup Remover

Your Holy Grail Shapewear

Your Holy Grail Sheets

What Is Your Holy Grail Sock?

What’s Your Holy Grail Tote Bag?

 Your Holy Grail Notebook

 Your Holy Grail Pen

Your Holy Grail Sunscreen

Your Holy Grail Jeans

What’s Your Holy Grail Eye Cream?

What’s Your Holy Grail Night Cream?

What’s Your Holy Grail Bra?

Food and Drink:

Your Funniest Cooking Debacle

Give Me Your Best Slow/Pressure Cooker Meals!

What’s Your Easy Summer Dinner?

What’s Your Favorite Summer Recipe?

What’s the Most Memorable Meal You Ever Ate?

What’s Your Go-To Easy Dinner?

 What’s The One Thing You Always Order?

Life and Work:

Best Concert Memories

What’s the Best Advice You Ever Received?

What Is The Funniest Thing Your Pet Has Ever Done?

What Was Your Workplace’s Silliest (Or Biggest?) Drama?

What Was Your Childhood Obsession?

What Are Your Superstitions?

What Was Your Favorite Class?

What Fall Thing Are You Most Looking Forward To?

 What Is Your Favorite Niche App?

What’s Your Favorite Workout?

 What Are Your Keep-Cool Tips?

What Movie Did You Have On Repeat as a Kid?

What Are You Looking Forward To?

Who Would Be YOUR Ideal James Marsden, on Jury Duty?

What Are You Evangelizing Right Now? (May)

What’s Your Party Trick?

 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks!

What’s Your Favorite Way to Exercise?

What’s Your New Favorite Thing?

Clothes and Shopping

 What Was Your All-Time Favorite First Day of School Outfit?

What Is The Best Pair of Shoes You’ve Ever Worn?

 Signature Scents!

What’s the Best Thing You’ve Bought on a Whim Off Instagram?

What’s Your Favorite Random Drugstore Buy?

What’s Your Go-To Gift?

What’s The One Thing That ALWAYS Lives in Your Bag?

What’s The One (Thing) That Got Away?

What’s Your Favorite Beauty Product RIGHT NOW?

What’s The Best Thing You’ve Bought So Far This Year?

What’s The Best Thing You Bought Last Year?


What Is Your Dream Hotel?

 What Do You Wear on the Plane?

What’s Your Dream Vacation?

Your Best Packing Hacks

Give a Travel Rec, Get a Travel Rec! [June]

What’s Your Number One Travel Tip?

The Best Random Thing You’ve Seen on a Trip

What’s Your Favorite Road Trip Game?

Get a Travel Tip, Give a Travel Tip [March]


Your Afternoon Chat: Give a Recommendation, Get a Recommendation! (September)

Your Afternoon Chat: What’s Your Number One Summer Recommendation?

Your Afternoon Chat: Get a Recommendation, Give a Recommendation (May)

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