I was just reading all the great comments in our recent chat about what folks are currently evangelizing and I noticed that many of you are very into various forms of exercise at the moment. (Can you tell I’m trying not to use the word “workouts”? It feels so dated to me all of a sudden, but I also don’t have a good swap. “Ways to move your body?” I don’t know. But you know what I mean. EXERCISE SCHEMES.) So, let’s talk about that. What are you doing to move around healthfully (???) that you enjoy? I’ve been playing tennis on the weekends — and let’s be honest, I’m (a) AWFUL and (b) mostly doing it because the outfits are cute — and I love walking around my neighborhood to see what folks are doing with their landscaping. But I could definitely do more. What do you do that’s fun and sustainable?

PS: Apple’s newest update has put the fitness rings on my phone, and they’re evil geniuses because it does make me want to have an Apple Watch, in order to get a more accurate set of exercise data. I’m not playing tennis with my phone in my pocket! However, I also don’t need my texts on my watch and obviously the Apple watch is pricy. (That’s an affiliate link, in case you get a wild hair to buy an Apple watch from my enthusiastic blurb “I don’t need my texts on my watch.”) On the other hand, the gamification of exercise might actually work for me in terms of motivation. Talk me through this, please!

[Photo by ANL/Shutterstock]