There’s nothing I love more than a peek into your shopping carts. With no further ado, the ten items Fug Nation has bought the most of from our shopping posts — and, once, from a Drinks With Broads newsletter! — so far in 2024. You are all going to look cute on vacation, is all I know.

10. I knew a tote bag would eventually make its way onto this list! This one is reasonably priced. They have a Breton-stripe version!

9. I too loved this little faux-snakeskin lady purse. (It’s on sale now, although the color I linked to originally is sold out.)

8. The ravioli necklace is holding strong!! And rightly so.

7. Y’all bought a LOT of Boden swimsuits. (They do make a good swimsuit.) In particular, this one covered in lobsters really moved. Related: Should I buy a skirt covered in lobsters? I feel like the answer is yes. (I feel like skirts are really back.)

6. Everyone needs and loves a classic cotton cardigan. I just noticed J.Crew Factory also has the matching shell, if you want a twin set.

5. The DVF Target collection did really well with y’all! I really liked the wrap dress I got, but it was made for a person much taller than I am.

4. This J.Crew linen top IS great. In an amusing coincidence, I am actually wearing it as I type this.

3. I continue to be delighted by how many people bought a cape for their pet.

2.  I am surprised that this J.Crew dress showed up this high on the list. It is REALLY cute, though, so I get it! I just didn’t notice it was moving such big numbers.

1. Finally! I guess I really need to link to more sheets,  because BY FAR the most-ordered item so far this year are these (excellent!!) Target sheets. In fairness…they’re really good sheets.

Go put your cape on your pet and we’ll revisit this again in a few months.

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