Is it just me, or has this year so far been….a major slog? It’s also been very gloomy in Los Angeles; last year was also really gloomy and it turned out that I HATED IT, as  much as I like the occasional rainy day. I am beginning to think I might have SAD and never realized it because we get so much sun here normally. Do I need one of those Vitamin D lamps?! Anyway, I will bring this up to my therapist but until then, perhaps a little treat will help. I picked out a bunch of stuff that might bring you delight. And I also feel honor-bound to tell you that I went into a J.Crew for the first time in a while last weekend — I needed to return some pants I’d ordered — and the current stuff is REALLY VERY GOOD. Now you know! You know what else is pepping me up? Discovering this vintage shop on Etsy (and in Dallas) that appears to specialize ONLY in sequined and beaded items. IT IS AMAZING.

Treat yourself, 2024. I admit this collection is all over the place:

But hopefully delightfully so.

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