I know that folks sometimes get grouchy about Valentine’ s Day, and I get it — but I must confess that I LOVE Valentine’s Day stuff. Pink! Red! Hearts! I enjoy these things year round! (Like, there’s no law about making a heart-shaped bundt cake in September! Why not use heart-shaped ice cubes in August?) This is just a good time to stock up — and if you do like to celebrate, all the better. Either way, I want you to know that Neiman Marcus thinks you should buy someone a lip-shaped settee for the holiday, and I can’t say I disagree. Also, for that person on your list who truly does have everything, including an allergy to real flowers, perhaps you’re interested in this $3,500 “floral heart object”? I do think they’re right that several folks would love this “Variety Tackle Box” of candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar, though, for like 100th of the price. I’m also of the belief that almost everyone knows someone who’d be tickled by some wax lips — with or without fangs. Williams-Sonoma has gummy lips, if you want something more edible. And speaking of edible, this isn’t technically Valentine’s Day-related, but the holiday is a great excuse to give your beloved, or yourself, a gold plated ravioli necklace.

Likewise, I NEED someone to buy these Etch-a-Sketch scratch-off Valentines and I want it to be you! I’m also obsessed with this large personalized match box. And if you want a cardigan covered in hearts, I support you. If you want a sweater covered in hearts for your dog, I obviously also support that. I also support your treating yourself to something here:

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