I’m gonna be real with you. The selection of items y’all have bought this year so far really reflects my own personal experience with 2024 to date: Some new clothes, some thoughts about exercise and organization, and a few delightfully unhinged moments.

10. These red, square toed J.Crew ballet flats ARE so cute.

9. Nothing says “happy New Year” like buying yourself some new leggings. (These are also on sale!)

8. I came sooooo close to buying this longer tweed Lady Jacket at J.Crew, too.still want it. It feels very Swans. (The clothing part of Swans not the poor narrative structure.)

7.  I’m thrilled so many of you nabbed this ravioli charm necklace. (I also love the farfalle earrings.)

6. These Etch-a-Sketch valentines were SO CUTE. That store has soooo many cute scratch-off things! Like Bachelorette party invites, and lunchbox notes.

5.  I LOVED this houndstooth trench coat — and so did a lot of you. It’s currently on sale, PLUS J.Crew is running a 30% off sale items deal. When I tested this in my shopping cart, I got it down to $276 from $500. I must note that it’s very limited sizes left.

4. Folks are also stocking up on basics! Like this classic J.Crew Factory cardigan. 

3.  I am THRILLED so many people decided their cat or dog needed a Lunar New Year cape. DELIGHTED.

2. Nothing says “new year purchases” like a new daily planner, it’s true. You all loved this one, which isn’t available any more. But this one is really pretty and UNDATED, so you can just dive in now if you want!

1. You really wanted new sheets. I get it! New year, new sheets! These are my favorites. From Target, no less!

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