Sound the big Treat Yourself klaxon: The big Sephora sale is finally open to everyone! It’s 20% off for Rouge level members, 15% for VIB, and 10% for Insiders (which is everyone else) with code YAYSAVE through the 15th. (Please note: This is not a sponsored post — If only! CALL ME, SEPHORA — but it is, as always, one using affiliate links.) I always think of this sale as having two purposes: (a) it’s a great opportunity for me to stock up on stuff I know I’ll use, and (b) it’s the time of year when I think, “wait, I spent how much at Sephora this year?” (I wasn’t too bad this time!) I’ve also got a lot of events coming up this summer, so now is the time for me a save a little cash on stuff I’ll want to pick up anyway. Right now, I’m restocking my supply of this Clarins Instant De-Puffing Face Mask, which DOES seem to work on me, hair volumizer, face wipes, dry shampoo, beauty blenders (I know other ones are cheaper but these, for me, work the best), and sunscreen. But I might also pick up one of these:

I was on a Zoom call today where I spent a LOT of time staring at my neck, so I might try this and just see what happens.(I love Clarins.) And perhaps this is the time to try some of the Color Wow hair stuff that Instagram is desperate to sell me. What are you getting?

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