Fashionista’s write-up of this show was interesting, because it basically boiled down to: Yeah, most reviewers hate Maria Grazia Chiuri’s stuff, but it’s doing well so no one cares! Fair enough. The piece also talked about Dior really prioritizing merchandising, at least with its Ready to Wear lines, so in the same breath it referred to some silhouettes as “dated” it was also like, “Or… timeless?” But I am mystified by how much energy Chiuri spent here spray-painting MISS DIOR all over the clothes. Currently that’s the name of a perfume, and it used to be the name of a now-dead line. If they’re bringing it back… then do it? Why is the RTW line your billboard? Twelve pieces out of 72 may not sound like a lot, it sure FELT like at least 11 too many.

[Photos: Launchmetrics Spotlight]