Elizabeth Taylor’s airport style is not that of a woman who hopes to slink onto and off the plane undetected. We’ve got turbans, scarves, veils, babies, dogs, furs, capes, fur capes, giant sunglasses, giant earrings, and a variety of husbands and boyfriends and friends. It is resplendent and over the top and incredibly fun. Please put on your best hat and please join me in hopping from Heathrow to LAX to JFK to Charles de Gaulle to Nice to Rome to Geneva to Venice to Sydney to — well, you name it.

PS: If you missed it, we’ve previously rounded up Elizabeth Taylor’s Boat Style (from yachts to cruise ships), and every single wedding look. That latter post gives you a quick timeline and precisis of Elizabeth’s romantic past, in case you need a refresher on the timeline of husbands. Some of those menĀ did not deserve her.

This piece originally ran on July 22, 2022, but it seemed worth a visit to the archives in case you missed it the first time.

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