We’ve talked about current obsessions before — but this is a conversation that never gets old! In part, of course, because interests and obsessions wax and wane and evolve. Maybe in 2020 you were obsessed with making sourdough bread because we were all undergoing a communal emotional breakdown, and now you’re really focused on jujitsu or something. Maybe you just got really into an interesting non-alcoholic beer, or a new hot sauce, or a fancy new hand lotion. Maybe you recently ate a really good pear and you keep eating other good pears, chasing that dragon. Maybe you just got a Costco membership for Christmas and now you keep telling people about the deals you got at Costco (that one is me). Maybe you just rewatched Frasier and want everyone to join you. Maybe you just discovered a weird niche podcast and you can’t stop listening to it. I don’t know your life — but I want to! Tell everyone what you’re obsessed with right now. Evangelize to us!

Photo by Yva/ullstein bild via Getty Images