I believe this is the first time the general public has seen little Malti’s face — and this was very intentional, this event is 100% a photo opportunity meant for press, and Nick and Priyanka definitely made the choice to debut her here rather than give the reveal to a magazine — and she is a very adorable little noodle! (I kind of love that they decided to do this at what is sincerely a sort of cheesy, small local event. And now the Band-aid is off and they can take her to the farmer’s market or whatever without worrying that someone’s trying to sneak a snap.) In other news from this event, Sophie Turner did not bringĀ her girls but DID bring a very dramatic outfit, and she and Priyanka seem very congenial. Also, all the Jonai are accounted for.

[Photos: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]