Happy weekend, everyone! The Golden Globes were this past Tuesday, and if you missed the red carpet, you can catch up here.

This piece has made the rounds a lot this week, and correctly so. If you haven’t read it, it’s excellent: Gwen Stefani: “I Said, ‘My God, I’m Japanese.'”  [Allure]

Sad news, via Vogue: Tatjana Patitz, One of the Original Supermodels, Has Died. 

Lisa Marie Presley also died this week, which is also very sad and surprising. (I feel so much for Priscilla Presley; she has really gone through a lot in her life.) [People]

I’ve like….literally never seen Ben Affleck as happy as he is in this first photo at Lainey, working the Dunkin’ drive-through. You know how they say that influencers are the most successful when they take on spon-con that really meshes with their personal brand? This is literally the best example of this that I can think of. We know Ben is devoted to Dunkin!

Important intel: Globes Pianist Says She Would Never Play Music Over Winners’ Speeches and Cleared the Air With Michelle Yeoh. This poor woman! [THR]

Eater thinks that all things gelatin are ready for a comeback. I will say that I was looking through an old cookbook the other day and I did say the words, “this Jell-o salad sounds great.” So!

Oh nooooo do I need this sweater??????? It’s embroidered! [Boden, affiliate link]

Also, this is a crazy question maybe but Fug Nation will know. I just got a CostCo membership. (YES I LIVE ALONE.) Do I need a Food Saver??????? I currently have a box of 50 egg rolls in my freezer.  [affiliate link to Food Saver; Food Savers for all???]

I saw some of this float past on Twitter last week and only finally sat down to find out what’s actually happening. I LOVE hearing about Big Budget Movie Drama: Francis Ford Coppola is in trouble (again). [Lainey]

Margaret Cho sat down for an interview with The Socialite Life and it’s really wide-ranging and good. I love this quote: “I guess to sort of step into…sort of being old. Like, I think I’m old now. I don’t know. Like that thing where you cross the line where I think I’m old? Like before you would be on a show like Hotel or like you would be sort of like the grand dame, like Murder She Wrote, kind of feeling, that vibe. I wonder what that’s like. Maybe I am now sort of like a grand old dame, like a lady. ” The idea that you used to know you were old because someone cast you on Hotel is….perfect.

I’m ENRAGED by this piece’s take on the Coffee Bean’s Ice Blended: Starbucks, Dunkin’ and more: Who has the best frozen coffee drink? The VANILLA is clearly the best Ice Blended, HELLO!!!! [LA Times]

This is a fun power ranking, also at the LAT: Awards show power rankings, from worst to first. I think they kinda chickened out by giving so many ties toward the top, though. That’s a cop out!!

Fascinating, at Smithsonian: The Misunderstood Roman Empress Who Willed Her Way to the Top.

Proud to have been quoted in this piece at WaPo: The return of the going-out top.  (That’s a gifted link so you should be able to read it no matter your WaPo subscription status.)

This seems like a bad idea all around, possibly? What do I know: Kanye West reportedly got married to Yeezy-employee Bianca Censori [Celebitchy]

This story is A RIDE and a very good piece: My Week With a No-Needles Lip Filler. [The Strategist]

Finally, if you watch Ted Lasso, this is truly the greatest:


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