I am, personally, still very into people’s What In My Bag? stories — not the ones in Us Weekly, which are all always partially spon-con, like, “Elizabeth Banks: ‘I can’t live without my Athletic Greens and carry them everywhere for a quick hit of nutrition on the run!!’,” no disrespect to Athletic Greens. I mean ones that seem…you know, true. If I did one, it would be like “here are a bunch of receipts!!!! And a random dollar, that’s exciting! Oh, and seven different lip balms. But never a ponytail holder when I want one.” But I do sincerely always have a lip balm — I am brand agnostic about purse balm, I just need something Chapstick-y in case of emergency — and, since the pandemic, I also always have hand sanitizer wipes. Not because of Covid so much anymore as much as because sometimes you just need to wipe something off in a sanitized manner. I usually use Megababe’s wipes but I literally just this moment saw they’re out of stock — MAYBE FOREVER???? — so I might be switching to Honest Co.’s? Now that I’m having an existential crisis about my wipes, please distract me by telling me what YOU always keep in your bag.

Again, I also must share Informative Caption: “When some people open their purses, ’tis said that moths are liable to fly out. When this young thing opens her handbag, a real live parakeet may come winging out. Called a Para-Tote, the clear plastic bag features a special ventilated compartment for taking a pet bird on a shopping tour or afternoon visit. The unique accessory was made by Jana of New York and won a prize in the fourth annual Hess Brothers contest.” If your one must-have is a parakeet, we do certainly want to hear about it.

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