This photo was in an album of local candids, so it was like… Bob Odenkirk picketing with the writers, Olivia Wilde leaving the gym (we have about 50 of these every day, it’s quite something), and then Justin Hartley and his wife Sofia Pernas doing a leisurely pap stroll with a gigantic bag from a store called CANDLE DELIRIUM. Oh yes. CANDLE DELIRIUM. It’s MORE than a fever; it’s pure candle-fueled cognitive confusion.

The CANDLE DELIRIUM Google Search excerpt says the store (which also has a huge L.A. flagship) is for the “candle lover, fancy-candle admirer, or candle addict,” and the website itself says, “If you are looking to become a candle lover, use this as a guide to ignite your candle love affair.” Please tell me if you, or anyone in your life, woke up one day and thought, “I think it’s time. I’m ready. I’m finally going to explore the world of being a candle lover.” If that’s you, then perhaps you could slip into a CANDLE DELIRIUM.

I will be honest, I’m a little afraid of CANDLE DELIRIUM. It sounds like that thing where Liz from Passions lit the talking hate candles and they proceeded to press her into peeking inside T.C.’s shed. After she did, they hissed at her to REMEMBER THE SHED. I am not sure I want my housewares browbeating me. What if I light the wick of my purchase, trigger CANDLE DELIRIUM, and the next thing I know, I’m wearing sheer skirts and shorting potato-chip dust and, worst of all, drinking a Diet Pepsi? This is a potential nightmare.

Since we’re here: Hit me with your favorite store names. Obviously this one is mine. For today, anyway.

[Photos: MEGA/GC Images]