This chat comes by request from a Fug National, who promised to share their memory of their best back-to-school threads. Some kids have already started school, and some don’t go back until after Labor Day — in my opinion, this is the correct way! — but in Los Angeles and a LOT of other places, the kids are heading back to the classrooms and social media is full of photos of adorable poppets holding up signs, so it’s very timely. I am the wrong person to be starting this thread, because I wore uniforms or some kind of dress code for my entire scholastic life, which was great because it eliminated indecision. The closest that I have is when I was seven, I think, and I had a pink and white striped skirt and tee that I loved SO MUCH that I was paralyzed about when to wear it, and therefore hardly ever did. Finally, I busted it out at a party we had at our house for the school, because I felt so cool that all the teachers were going to be at MY house; I wandered around so proudly for a while until someone politely pointed out that the skirt was caught up in my underwear I was so embarrassed that I don’t think I wore it again. Like, I blamed the OUTFIT for this. Sigh.

I will say that the beans wore the EXACT same shirts for the last day of kindergarten and the last day of first grade, which I only realized after I took the second photo, because the first was my lock screen: Liam, a red shirt from his elementary school, and Dylan, a Troy Polamalu jersey. I’m shocked it wasn’t something orange.

Your turn! And please, you don’t have to limit yourself to the best or favorite outfit — if there’s anything you wore that makes you cringe, please, share. The group is here for you.