We’ve got two diametrically opposed looks here to absorb. The one above there was, naturally, snapped in Ibiza, where I assume Rita is taking in the local foam parties and probably performing at a club that’s really fun if you’re young or feel young. In fact, Informative Caption tells me that she’s arriving at Ibiza Rocks here, the website for which says:

Situated on the west coast of Ibiza, our one of a kind resort-style hotel, has been shaping the sound of the island since 2008.

With the iconic Ibiza Rocks music venue at its heart, whether you’re staying with us or joining the hottest acts in the world at our daily pool parties get ready to be immersed in the ultimate summer soundtrack, creating memories through music that will last from check-in to check-out and beyond.We’ll see you in the pool…

Bolding theirs. This outfit honestly seems perfect for that. (If you’re thinking about going, know that the TripAdvisor reviews of the hotel are pretty mixed but mostly in the sense that almost everyone had a BLAST but the people who hated it HATED. IT, and thought it was gross. Maybe just go for the pool party and sleep elsewhere?)

This, however, was in SoHo a couple of week ago:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 27, 2023


(Photo by MEGA/GC Images, Gotham/GC Images)

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