This is by request, and it’s a good one! I’m always in the market for a great sunscreen, including a period in the mid-aughts when I was going to extremes to find French sunscreens (which I can now get at CVS; what a time to be alive). Right now, I use the Vacation Chardonnay Oil on my body and LOVE it (you do absolutely have to re-apply every couple of hours, but it’s fun to slop it on like you’re an 80s bombshell), and I honestly haven’t found a Holy Grail for my face yet, despite all that French Sunscreen Research, which I was truly partially doing because I was bored at work at the time. Share your sunscreen favorites!

Edited to note that, so far, EltaMD isĀ by far in the lead for faves! This might be the most consensus we’ve ever had. I’ll come in later and round up the other faves, but right now, it’s absolutely EltaMD, followed by SuperGoop!

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