Hello! I’m typing this post from the depths of my linen closet, where I have done things like get rid of towels that I don’t ever use because I don’t think they’re absorbent enough (everyone has their favorite set of towels, right? Right??) and install hooks so I can keep my Swifter in there. Like I’m some kind of organized adult person! Yes, it is spring, and my thoughts have turned not to love but to “yikes, now that it’s sunny, I can tell that this place is a mess.” (In particular, my closets are…deranged.) The time has come for yet another round of Share Your Favorite Cleaning Tips and Tricks! One of the previous times we did this, I learned that denture cleaning tablets are great for cleaning your toilet bowls and white sinks and, friends, it’s true. I use them all the time now. (Also, then everything smells minty.) Hit me with the rest of your best advice!

[Photo: Paramount Tv/Kobal/Shutterstock]