A Fug National asked us if, should be we called to jury duty ourselves, we have an ideal celeb to show up and join us — a la James Marsden in Jury Duty.


I was PARALYZED with indecision on this issue. There are too many choices. Too many celebs in this world who would be entertaining, or fascinating to watch, or potentially deliriously terrible. Allison Janney might be a fun broad for chatting. Imagine Christina Aguilera as your foreperson. Would we all pass out if Henry Golding walked in? Viola Davis would keep things moving, and could very possibly step in during the trial if counsel was deemed inept. I bet Dave Grohl gossips. Sharon Stone definitely might read a script very publicly but then not be at liberty to tell you what’s in it. I would also accept any individual from the cast of Ted Lasso, although I imagine few of them have residences in L.A. If Cristo Fernandez could please move here and do his civic duty, I’d be grateful.

Okay, your turn: Who’s your Marsden?