The jury has arrived in Cannes, meaning Brie Larson is in place and ready for the big opening ceremony (which actually, by the time you read this, will already have happened). And she brought with her a very loud blouse that reminds me of something a certain pipsqueak from Beverly Hills, 90210, would have worn while twirling around in front of his synthesizer. It’s charming that she went comfy and bright for the welcome dinner, but I mean. Tell me this guy, or this guy, or ESPECIALLY this guy would not go wild for the charcuterie platter of colors and patterns and textures Brie is serving. P.S. Does it also look like she got extensions and they didn’t layer them in gently enough? Someone send the finest scissor artist in France to her hotel!

PS: Speaking of Cannes, over at Drinks With Broads today, we’re talking about 12 Fun Facts about Cannes, ranging from from stuff about Mussolini to iffy parking situations to fake dead birds and cursed colons — plus other stuff.

[Photo: Marc Piasecki/GC Images]