This was a topic that folks started chatting about in another post, and I totally agree it’s a great subject for our next Holy Grail post — sheets! Like socks, perhaps not glamorous but definitely a topic about which people feel very strongly.¬†I feel very strongly about sheets, myself, as I always want my bed to feel like it’s in a five star hotel (although I don’t always succeed) and I’m very persnickety. I had a set of fairly expensive Ralph Lauren sheets, for example, on which I never slept well. I do not know why — I think they were almost¬†too crisp?? — but I just…always slept poorly on them. I finally gave them away. (They were cute, too! Navy blue with white polka dots. At least I got them on sale in the first place.)

My own holy grail for cotton sheets is, believe it or not, these Target-brand ones. They are EXCELLENT: Thick, great fabric quality, very deep pockets on the fitted sheet, that helpful tag in the fitted sheet that says TOP or SIDE, and, obviously, a very reasonable price for sheets, which are always expensive-feeling to me. For flannel sheets, I am loyal to LL Bean. They have the plaid ones you can get to match your nightgown (and maybe look like just a floating head in your bed, very amusing for your sweetie), but also have CUTE patterns, like this amazing print that’s just SWEATERS, which I have (and which I think is maybe sold out now but I wonder if they’ll come back for fall/winter?) or these not sold out ones which have little Christmas trees being delivered by a red truck all over them. Or these, with skiers on them! Perfectly whimsical!

Now, it’s your turn — give us your sheet recommendations!

Photo by Dick Darrell/Toronto Star via Getty Images; We use affiliate links!