Several folks have asked for this chat, so I’m very happy that we’ve gotten around to it! It is — hyperbolically — a golden age of newsletters and surely, you’ve got favorites. So, lay ‘em on us and help everyone fill their email boxes.

It would be deranged of me to write this chat and not mention that Heather and I have our own Substack, called Drinks With Broads, where we talk about pop culture, weird stuff we bought off Instagram, celeb wines, museum gift shops, movies and TV, bestsellers of yore, recap TV shows and more — today’s issue is about Goop renting her guest house on airbnb and how off brand that is, the Trudeaux divorce and how a Canadian betting site wants him to date a cavalcade of Choices, the Lizzo allegations, and some other stuff. Thank you so much to everyone who is subscribed! But this post is not me fishing for compliments! It is me looking for other newsletters to read! I already read mine! Lay your faves on me!

Photo by Historia/Shutterstock