This entire week, I’ve been running a series that I’m calling our Holy Grail Series, where you share your A+, #1, can’t be beat whatever — first, we did bras; then night creams; then eye creams; and now I’m taking a cream break to open the door to discuss that most iconic piece of American fashion, and the cornerstone of a lot of people’s wardrobes: Jeans. In the past, we’ve gotten a lot of requests for a denim round-up, and I usually just think, “jeans are so personal, I don’t know if I can do a useful round-up for everyone!” But it seems like it might actually be useful for everyone to share the jeans that they like and which work for them the best, and we’ll see where we end up! As for me, lately I’ve been wearing vintage Levis (but I have to try tons of them on at the local vintage shops/order them very carefully from Etsy sellers after measuring a pair that fits and comparing, so this is labor intensive), or (and this surprised me) these white Wranglers, which I got from Rent the Runway and will probably end up buying. (Just as a note: Those run super small so SIZE UP if you buy them. I sized up two sizes to get them to fit; I tend to carry my weight around the middle, as a data point.) WHO KNEW? Anyway: Don’t gatekeep your denim, please share your favorite jeans!

Photo by 20th Century Fox/Kobal/Shutterstock; we use affiliate links when possible!