Emily Ratajkowski’s tube top feels very Early Carrie Bradshaw to me, in a neutral way. That’s a sidebar to her shorts, though. Look, she’s just meandering around New York running errands, so whatever — but the difference is, she knows she’s getting papped while doing it, and may or may not be arranging the sidewalk catwalk herself, since she’s pretty diligently photographed almost every day. So presumably she’s putting thought into her outfit in a way that most of us who are dashing out for a Diet Coke might not. Regardless: Where does everyone stand on giant denim culottes? I almost wonder if they’re shorts from the menswear section, or some specific kind of boyfriend cut, rather than anything that the cruel gods of fashion are trying to shove at us. But they are… preeeeeetty bad. Shorts in the women’s section are often a little too micro for me, but this is a big overcorrection. I wish the pendulum would settle down a little. It doesn’t need to swing so hard. Don’t be an overachiever, Pendulum! Be a slacker, like Marty McFly.

[Photo: MEGA/GC Images]