Last week, we talked about your holy grail bra — AKA, your favorite bra, the bra you think works the very best, the bra you’ve been searching for lo these many years, the bra of legend!! — and you should definitely pop your head into that convo, because it was very fruitful and also now my Instagram is really trying to sell me bras. And now we’re moving up your body a bit to talk NIGHT CREAMS. I admit that I am much better about putting on a day cream than I am a night cream — I always take off my makeup before bed, but I guess just feel drier in the morning?

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve found my holy grail night cream, but I’ve used a bunch of them and loved the Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide, the Sorella Apothecary Balm (which I get from my esthetician) and, sadly, The Cream from Augustinus Bader, which cannot be a holy grail for me because it is SO EXPENSIVE. What is yours?

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