For years, InStyle sponsored a party at this exact time of year called A Day of Indulgence, which involved celebrities showing up to a very nice house in Los Angeles owned by a producer named Jennifer Klein and then leaving with a bunch of free stuff while merrily waving at the paparazzi gathered at the foot of the driveway. It’s one of those boondoggles that simultaneously feels like an expected part of The Famous Person Experience, and increasingly tone-deaf. I think both those things can be true. But the interesting part is, THIS batch of photos — which matches the prior ones, with similar return guests — is NOT labeled “Day of Indulgence.” They’re just listed as “celebs out and about in Los Angeles.” It’s possible the photographer just forgot to write it down, or… is it also possible InStyle wanted this to be SLIGHTLY more on the down-low, especially given the dire situation in Maui right now? Usually they have full coverage from inside, which I have not seen this year, and I recognize it’s also possible this is something else entirely or that InStyle no longer sponsors it. But… things sure line up correctly for it to be the same party, at least. A MYSTERY INDEED.

[Photos: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, BLW Media/Star Max/GC Images, MEGA/GC Images]