First, though we continue to hope GFY can provide momentary refuge from the horrors of the world, we were disgusted by the white supremacist activity this weekend in Charlottesville and do find it challenging to keep posting about outfits – specifically some Day of Indulgence that happened in a parallel timeline to the hate-filled march — without any mention of the atrocities. It’s easy to say, “Well, my America is not at home to those views,” but the thing is, we’ve spent too long bending reality to fit the America we want. We don’t get to be selective about what we think our America is or isn’t. We may dream of a different one, we may desire it to be better, but the cold brutal truth is that America IS still home to those views — this weekend proved it – and it’s up to those who abhor it to fight, and refuse white supremacy any safe space to breed and grow. We were impressed to see Teen Vogue foregoing its usual live-tweeting of the Teen Choice Awards in favor of sending out information about Charlottesville, and the ways Nazi groups are recruiting on college campuses like UVa and beyond. It’s difficult to know where to direct our tactile resources — the things beyond just prayer and verbal support and incandescent rage —  but the Southern Poverty Law Center is a great place to start, and if you know of any other regional or national causes that can help make a difference, please do post them in the comments. Because: These are fucking Nazis. It’s not acceptable.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled distractions. Thanks for understanding.

[Photos: WENN, Backgrid]