Whenever we cover this, people rightfully wonder why celebrities — who can generally afford all this pampering and merchandise on their own –get an entire day dedicated to them receiving stuff for free. It’s a fair cop. My answer is many-fold, including: I suspect for many of these people, they’re getting free stuff all the time already, so this is more about the socializing and networking with InStyle people; and for the brands, it’s so websites like this one and magazines like Us Weekly (expect to see one of these in there soon, which I can then cover during my regular tardy reads of Us on our fuggirls Instagram account) will run photos of Lea Michele and her ilk carrying around their logo. Besides, I imagine that when you are any of these people, and InStyle sends you a note that’s like, “Come hang out at this house and get massaged and walk away with free Spanx and some snacks and get the chance to see Allison Janney in a flower crown,” you are not going to say no even if you DO feel guilty about it. Let’s just hope that all the ones here who already have/don’t need any more swag are giving this all to their assistants, or selling it on eBay and donating the proceeds to charity. Allison could fetch a LOT for that crown.

[Photos: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]