Crazy Rich Asians opens on Wednesday (I might skip out after lunch on Thursday and take myself to it for my birthday; don’t tell Jessica), so the cast is still dutifully making the rounds, which I assume will soon involve the UK and other various European premieres. NOT SOON ENOUGH, though. C’mon, y’all, let’s keep the outfits flowing. Think of the Internet!

Anyway, aside from Henry Golding getting this glorious portrait from a session with Shutterstock — I have NEVER longed for a suit in the shade of old moss, but he’s giving it SO MUCH CHARM — we also have a few sightings of the leading ladies.

For my money, Constance’s dress in this photo outclasses the Dior next to her, which is giving itself a breast exam. With the infinity symbol underneath it. I guess it’s true that it will, in perpetuity, be groping itself. So that adds up. But I don’t need it groping ME, and nether does she.

I know this is for a magazine, so it’s not quite the same as an outfit she and her team picked out for an event, but she still looks groovy in it. The heavy slouchy boots can be a challenge but they’re worthy of her here.

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Michelle Yeoh is radiant, Gemma Chan is luminous, and Henry Golding is CLEARLY A CLOSET FUG NATIONAL, right? RIGHT? Let’s just say yes, because it’s way more fun than the plausible explanation that he’s just a dude who likes a striped shirt occasionally.

She is correct to be drawn to it, but: Is it baggy in the bust, or is that just how she’s standing?

Gemma in pretty #PrabalGurung doing press in LA

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This looks like she got lost in a pile of shirts at American Eagle, and yet she’s giving it total panache. The minty shoes are perfect.

Summer in the city ☀️ #crazyrichasians #presstour #dallas #thevampireswife

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Pass. I am fairly sure The Vampire’s Wife has yet to produce anything I love — it falls right in with Brock Collection, for me, and in fact I would have guessed that’s what this was. The kicks with it are suitably frothy, and as usual she’s wearing it well, but I’m out, Vampire’s Wife. Do not eat me.

❤️ #crazyrichasians #presstour #dodobaror

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“I am so pleased that my shoes match my hip frond.”

Another thing to love about Gemma Chan: She is all about the Informative Caption.

Crotch ruching is not my cup of tea, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you give it to her because it’s so hard to be mad at anyone who wears clothes so well.

Speaking of:

The world is good sometimes.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]