First off, I’d like to thank InStyle for giving a truly full-and-complete report of what happens inside this party every year. (Schmoozing and very good gift bags, essentially.) Second, big thanks to the paparazzi who somehow — “somehow” — knew the date of said event and camped out in the street to get these pics. Third, hugs ‘n’ love to the celebs who showed up to nosh on passed apps and wave at each other while collecting free sunglasses or whatever — I’ve missed several of your faces. Finally, next year can we interview the rest of the neighbors on this street about whether or not they spend their entire Sunday watering their front yard so they can eyeball J.Lo’s comings and goings, or if they think this is annoying? It’s appreciated.

[Photos: Bellocqimages/Bauer-Griffin/Shutterstock]