I don’t know if you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — I, of course, watch everything in the Real Housewives Cinematic Universe — but a few weeks ago, there was an episode where the women were dining al fresco (or, at the least, food was outside and they were shrieking at each other over the cheese) and right on the middle of the table was this doohickey that is best described as a tiny table windmill designed to fan insects away from the food. It was brilliant. (And right after I told someone about it, Instagram started serving me ads for it; as a sidebar, our phones are definitely spying on us.) I don’t know who originally invented this, but it is brilliant. And I couldn’t help but wonder, what else is out that that’s weird and brilliant and useful that you’re using around the house. Please share!

PS: That’s an affiliate link to Amazon.