Happy weekend! I bring you fresh Friday afternoon procrastinatory materials.

Over at Drinks With Broads this week, we investigate whether or not Jurassic Park holds up and make suggestions for Taylor Swift’s next chapter; then, we have a fresh new Big Celebrity Wedding to examine, salute Nicola Coughlin and Celine Dion, and contemplate dome living.

I feel like several of you would be interested to know that Summersalt and LL Bean have collaborated on a line of swimsuits. I do NOT need a new swimsuit but I want this one. [affiliate links]

This is a GREAT interview with Julia Fox. [InStyle]

Good read at The Squawk: Return of the Career Prospectus: Rachel McAdams.

Loved this caftan round-up at The Stripe.

At least this is easy to duplicate at home: The Balenciaga Tape Bracelet Has the Internet in Disbelief. [Socialite Life]

There was a bonus Cinematrix this week, ICYMI! [Vulture]

Bon Appetit ran down the 50 best bars in North America. I’ve been to…none?!? A tragedy!

And Condé Nast Traveller has released their lists of Bests, too! I love a list. I just did some fantasy trip planning using the Best New Hotels list.

This is a HEADLINE: Her Severed Head was Kept in a Paris Museum. Then it Disappeared. [Messy Nessy Chic]

At Lainey: How do we talk about Billie Eilish?

Sounds like Condé Nast is about to lay off a bunch of people, ugh — and the waiting period for the axe fall sounds agonizing (and boring) for them. I’ve been there! This piece about it is very interesting, though. Hat tip to Amy Odell’s excellent Substack for alerting me to this one. [Hollywood Reporter]

Ooooh I love these necklaces and the price is good. [Anthro, affiliate link]

Really interesting at Gillian Knows Best, one of my favorite Substacks: So how is this Venice ticket thing going to work?

Why did no one tell me that Victoria Beckham did a Top Shelf for Into the Gloss?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! [FWIW, I recently bought some of her eyeliner and it is VERY good.]

At the Mary Sue: Dan Stevens Proves That Weirder Is Always Better

At the NYT: Shelley Duvall Vanished From Hollywood. She’s Been Here the Whole Time. [gifted link]

We also had three very fun chats on this week; one about travel tips, one about what folks are doing to prevent the earth from exploding (a paraphrase), and the other about great parties you’ve been to.

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