This afternoon chat is a request and I would credit the requester, but I can’t find you in the absolute morass of Oscars Stuff I have floating around! ONE OF YOU — please reveal yourself! — is going somewhere (I’m excited for you!) and wanted feedback about something (this is specific!) from Fug Nation. (I apologize for this intense vagueness, it’s been a very busy week.) Mid-March does seem like the time when a person’s fancy starts turning toward fun little or big trips for the spring and summer and I suspect several of you have questions for your fellow Fug Nationals like, “can you recommend a hotel in Chicago with a great pool?” or “has anyone been to the Poconos?” or “will I regret renting a car in Italy?” or “PLEASE help me figure out where to hold this bachelorette party, here are the bride’s very specific parameters.” So get down there into the comments and ask for help, or give some. OR BOTH!

[Photo: Our-Planet Berlin/imageBROKER/Shutterstock]