This is by request, from within the comments of a post the other day. Maybe even yesterday. I have a cold, time has no meaning, etc. But I love the topic, and also can’t figure out how to answer it. I was an inveterate re-watcher. I damn near wore out Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea, which I believe we recorded off the TV. I was besotted with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour in their version of The Scarlet Pimpernel, so of course I repeated that one a lot. My mom introduced me to Pride and Prejudice via the Lawrence Olivier and Greer Garson version, and while I know that’s considered a vastly inferior one, I still got a huge kick out of it. I can hear Mr. Collins’s theme music in my head right now. And with the more modern stuff, I had a large library of films from which to choose, because we lived in England longer than most of the other ex-pats who’d come in and out — meaning, whenever they got transferred back to the States, they’d donate us their VHS tapes that weren’t compatible with American VCRs. I could basically recite Mannequin, Ruthless People, the antics Ferris Bueller, Better Off Dead, Back to the Future, and SpaceCamp. Hey, I’m not saying I had universally GOOD taste in movies. But Jinx was really SORRY that he put Max in space! He tried to get Max back! Kelly Preston knew Morse Code! It’s the BLUE VALVE NEXT TO THE YELLOW VALVE, ANDIE. Rudy knows he’s right! BELIEVE HIM!

Ahem. Your turn. What are the movies that, for better or worse, you watched over and over again until you knew the whole script?