I got the idea for this chat while I was proofreading Thursday’s Drinks With Broads newsletter, where we discussed Gwyneth Paltrow actually playing Marry, F*ck, Kill on a podcast with her most famous exes as her options. For my money, when you’re not in mixed company, MFK is the king of Car Games; you can play it forever and it’s usually very funny. (For example, tell your friend she has to MFK a trio of gnarly old politicians and let the hilarity commence.) When I was in a youth, we actually played a simpler varietal of this game called Death Is Not An Option, which is where you give your friend a choice of two individuals and they have to choose the one they’d rather have sex with. (They cannot opt out of their own existence instead, hence the name.) This version also gets crazy, and I advise playing it until you and everyone in it find out which celebrity in the entire world they’d want to sleep with the very least. This takes a while — hence, it’s a great game for a long car ride. But I love hearing about car games — and certainly these aren’t ones that you can, for example, play with little kids! What’s your favorite? Are kids still torturing each other with Punch Buggy now that VW bugs aren’t out there as much as they used to be. Is it called Deck Tesla now?

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