We are SPEEDING toward Summer Vacation Season and I am here for your travel hacks, tips, tricks and bits! Do you have a sure-fire way to get cheap airline tickets? Do you have a packing tip you pass along to all your friends? Is there a horror story about Spirit Airlines that you just need to get off your chest? Are you one of those people who gets like a million credit card points and then flies first class to Paris on points alone? Teach us your ways!

PS: The Informative Caption here is a trip, no pun intended: “Five female journalists smile as they walk on the airport runway to board a vacation flight after winning the annual ‘Prettiest Newspaperwoman’ contest at LaGuardia Airport, New York City. People stand along the railings on the roof of the airline gate, waiting for flights to arrive.” I can only imagine the eyerolls these women gave about “Prettiest Newspaperwoman” when they weren’t in mixed company.

(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)”