I kept thinking this photo was of some rando wandering around New York trying to look important for the paps — this happens fairly often: entire albums full of people who are completely anonymous to me, but have clearly contacted the paps for a long day out — but then I FINALLY clicked in and saw that it’s none other than Cara Delevingne, shooting her role in the upcoming American Horror Story season. She looks HILARIOUS. This is how I imagine Blair Waldorf would embark upon a career as a spy, or a P.I., or even just as Gossip Girl, if she assumed the mantle of everyone’s least-favorite guide to Manhattan’s elite. She would believe herself to be tremendously discreet, and instead she would be tremendously ineffective, and whomever she tailed would call her mother and be like, “Um, so Blair has been following me all over town in ski goggles, care to enlighten me?” Frankly, the idea of another Gossip Girl reboot IS a horror story, so maybe that is the plot.

[Photos: Steve Sands/NewYorkNewswire/Bauer-Griffin/Shutterstock]