I know all you pet parents have stories. I’ll start: Our family dog Ogie was a notorious food thief and you could not leave her alone with food EVER because she would abscond with it. My mother once splashed out on some fancy French butter as a treat and the dog snatched it from the table — an entire POUND of butter! — and went RACING out into the backyard, where she ran in extremely speedy circles and ate the butter (in retrospect, impressive multi-tasking). But the most naughty trick she ever played was at someone’s graduation party (I think it was mine from college, but it actually might have been my sister’s high school graduation) wherein my mother had ordered a bunch of tiny sandwiches to serve. Well. We all got distracted because of the party and when we walked into the dining room, Ogie had — IN TOTAL SILENCE, MIND YOU, and it’s not like the door was closed because there isn’t one — eaten the meat out of nearly every sandwich, leaving behind several tiny buns and little leaves of lettuce and small tomato disks. Everyone just laughed. What are you gonna do? We played ourselves. Please be aware that she seemingly suffered no ill health effects from EITHER of these binges but was mostly just very very proud of herself.  She was a good dog!

What kooky, funny thing has your pet done?

Postcard of Cats Playing Tennis  © Rykoff Collection/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images