This is one of my favorite chats we regularly do, and it’s also been so personally helpful. I got great recommendations for Seattle when I was there in March — we did go to the ice cream place in Bainbridge several of you recommended, among other things! — and I know other people have been helped by them as well. (Chime in if you’re successfully used recommendations you’ve gotten on these chats, too, because I know folks would love to hear that!) As I basically said last time we did this,  I suspect several of you are currently planning your big summer vacation, and might have questions for your fellow Fug Nationals like, “can you recommend a hotel in Phoenix with a great bar?” or “has anyone been to the Dolomites?” or “will I regret packing boots to England in July?” or “PLEASE help me figure out where to go for my destination wedding’s rehearsal dinner party, here are our very specific parameters.” Get down there into the comments and ask for trip-planning help, or give some. OR BOTH! (Personally, I’m planning a trip to Maui, so if you’ve got anything good — lay it on me!)

(Photo by SSPL/Getty Images)