We had this chat a few years ago and it was so fun! But that was two years ago — my post suggests the Covid vaccine as perfect for summer, a suggestion I stand by if you haven’t gotten yours! — and it seems likely that your biggest and best summer recs might have changed. As I said at the time:

Is it a really good sunscreen that you stock up in bulk? Is it some kind of beach accessory? Is it the best beach book? Is it a great cooler? Is it a subscription to your local….something? (Arboretum? Aquarium? Movie theatre?) Is it a home slushie machine? Is it some doohickey that keeps your car cool? Is it something neat that your library is doing (and hopefully will get to do again this summer)? Is it a cheap-ass rash guard that you absolutely love? Is it a seasonal beer? Please share with us!

Share again, friends!

(Photo by: Marka/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)