I know, I know — we’re still technically in spring, but summer is racing toward the Northern hemisphere and I, for one, am very ready. I had the best time writing this post about Cute Things You Might Need This Summer For Fun Stuff You Might Get to Do, and I thought it might also be enjoyable for folks to share the one thing they always recommend for a fun summer. Is it a really good sunscreen that you stock up in bulk? Is it some kind of beach accessory? Is it the best beach book? Is it a great cooler? Is it a subscription to your local….something? (Arboretum? Aquarium? Movie theatre?) Is it a home slushie machine? Is it some doohickey that keeps your car cool? Is it something neat that your library is doing (and hopefully will get to do again this summer)? Is it a cheap-ass rash guard that you absolutely love? Is it a seasonal beer? Please share with us!

PS: Obviously, the one thing I recommend is — if it’s available to you — the covid vaccine. It’s free, no matter what, and while I know there’s been a lot of chat about side effects, the vast majority of people I know had very minor reactions. (Including me!) Go get your shot, if you can, and then hit the beach! You can text 438829 to find vax site near you. (And the White House just announced this morning that if you need child care while you get or recover from the vax, you’ll be able to get it for free; you can also get a free ride to vaccine sites.) Yay science!!