Spoiler alert: Memorial Day weekend — AKA the unofficial start of summer in the United States, even though it’s technically still spring — is NEXT WEEKEND. So it is a good time for you to start thinking about all the cute things you might need or want for the upcoming months, which should be for many readers — knock on wood — more fun than last summer, or at least slightly less of a crushing existential and literal physical crisis! I am fully vaccinated as of last Thursday and it is truly nice to be back out in the world even if “back out” is just, like, going to my dentist. He’s installed a TV over the chair that shows a live-stream of the freaking Monterey Bay Aquarium! I got to watch sea otters frolick while I got my teeth cleaned! It was great!

Anyway, I digress. Basically, I think that many folks are prepping up to have, hopefully, a summer that is more enjoyable than the last one. And thus it seemed like a good time for me to revisit a genre of shopping post that I like to think of as Here’s Just Some Stuff You Might Like! For example, if you’re working on your deck or patio, you might want fake grass!  If you’re going to your lake house (or the Lake House), you might want a croquet set! What if you’re going out on a boat? You’ll probably need a very cute cooler, like these retro Igloo ones! Or one of these rolling ones, if you’re going somewhere where you don’t relish a heavy cooler bumping against your thighs all the way to your location. Ooh, you’ll definitely need new beach towels! You might want a nice picnic basket? And if you’re going on a picnic, you’ll need a blanket! Maybe you should take up badminton! That sounds fun!

Or maybe one of these things:

I’m just ready for everyone to have some fun!

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