Admittedly, it is VERY HOT in Southern California and my actual favorite workout would be floating in a pool and occasionally paddling to the side to take a drink of my beverage. But I don’t have a pool and instead go to the gym to walk placidly on a treadmill while watching Real Housewives on my phone — my best way of bribing myself to exercise, in addition (I guess) to reminding myself that it’s a favor to Old Me to get Middle-Aged Me into okay physical condition. (Also, annoyingly, I do feel better when I do it.) Everything I’ve ever read has told me that it’s easier to exercise if you enjoy it and I do enjoy watching Real Housewives. I also like tennis even though I’m terrible because I find it fun and I like the outfits. Know thyself. How do you exercise? And do you enjoy it?

Photo: Historia/Shutterstock