On the heels of such chats as Give a Travel Rec, Get a Travel Rec, I bring you the obvious follow-up: Share with the class your most tried-and-true packing tips and hacks! (I am obsessed with packing hacks. Even when I’m not going anywhere.) Are you a packing cube obsessive? Are you one of those people who ONLY carries on?? (My ablutions do not allow for this lifestyle.) Are you that unicorn who packs like five items and have 74 different looks? SHARE YOUR WAYS.

My big tip is that, for my trip to Berlin last summer, I put an Apple air tag in my checked luggage. My luggage blessedly was not lost, but it provided great peace of mind to know where it was all the time. Plus, it’s kind of fun to look and see where your bag is at any moment.

Your turn!

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