If there is one thing Fug Nation loves, it is the holy tote bag. If you’re anything like me, you have totes shoved into other totes (generally into the tote you actually want to use to do your toting) and you’ve always still thinking….do I need a new tote bag? I thank the laws of the land for requiring me to use reusable bags for my groceries because this gives me an excuse to buy tote bags. Personally, of course, my own absolute 100% best 100% holy grail is the Boat and Tote at LL Bean: So many sizes, so many options, able to be personalized! (I got my mother one that says “Go Dodgers” on it and I want one myself.) It’s a timeless classic for a reason and it’s reasonably priced, even though you’ll probably never have to replace it. They have special editions sometimes — I have a great one celebrating 110 years of LL Bean — and this National Parks edition is great; I also just noticed they sell a Breton striped one! I also have a J.Crew canvas tote that I was given as a bridesmaid’s gift, and it’s great, but of course they don’t make them anymore.

What’s yours?

(Photo by Daily Herald Archive/National Science & Media Museum/SSPL via Getty Images)