Tim Daly and Steven Weber, a.k.a. the brothers Wings, seized the day and attended a party honoring Location Managers, which is a very niche event that I didn’t even know EXISTED. The strikes are teaching us all so much. If you did not exist during the time of Wings, it was a VERY successful sitcom — we’re talking 172 episodes, from 1990-97 — that effectively launched them and Tony Shalhoub and Thomas Haden Church, in addition to being the first major role for Hey It’s That Guy! actress Rebecca Schull. (The other women on the show, including the romantic leads, didn’t fare as enduringly; even Amy Yasbeck is better known for being married to John Ritter.) It’s fun to see them together WITHOUT the specter of a reboot. We can just have nostalgia, without it being mixed with dread.

10th Annual LGMI Awards, Los Angeles, California, USA - 26 Aug 2023

Cheryl’s dress is very pretty. I feel like she must carry calling cards she hands to people that say, “I am not a crackpot; I’m just married to one.”

I do not have an elegant transition into this next photo:

10th Annual LMGI Awards Honoring Location Managers

Dame Helen and Taylor Hackford look like they’re attending an elegant funeral for someone whom they will miss, but whose death was not a surprise.

[Photo: Lisa O’Connor/Shutterstock, Monica Schipper/Getty Images]