You know, since apparently this past month is the hottest month….ever….? That seems bad! But while the only thing we folks can really do about it is vote for people who believe that climate change is real and needs to be addressed at large scale, we might as well trade secrets about how to stay cool while it’s sweltering. My own best trick comes from growing up in a house with no A/C, in a city that got VERY hot during the day but used to cool down at nights, so it wasn’t terribly hard to get sleep. (It doesn’t really cool down at night as much as it used to any more, which sucks!) We’d have like two weeks a summer when it was impossible to sleep — the weeks when it would get over 100 — and my bedroom would be sweltering. I would wet a bath towel and wring it out, then lay on that to sleep with a fan pointed right at me. It REALLY helped. (It was not elegant, however.)

Your turn!