We might as well have fun if no one can work, right? Also, I lied up there in the headline: WWD reports that actually “‘A Great Gatsby Affair,’ which is inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic ‘The Great Gatsby,’ was hosted by Celebrity Sports Entertainment and The Money Team, which is a lifestyle brand inspired by famed boxer Floyd Mayweather. The party followed a black-tie dress code and included a casino room along with a fireworks showcase. Held at the Oheka Castle, the party supported the foundation ‘D Up on Cancer,’ along with others,” and Tiffany — who would otherwise be on the road promoting Haunted Mansion — was the celebrity host, not the originator of this bash. (a) That sounds like a great cause, (b) she looks very cute in this, (c) there will apparently be Gatsby parties as long as humans walk the earth, (d) this party sounds sincerely fun but I always think a Gatsby party should be contractually required to have the host select one guest to drag into another room to show off a bunch of oxford shirts and then monologue about the neighbors weirdly.

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)