This is for the perfume fans out there! Do you have a signature scent? Do you want a signature scent? Do you change perfumes like clothes? Did you have a signature scent but you’re in the market for a new one? Do you just like reading about perfume in general? Let’s chat.

I love perfume. Personally, I used to be an Yves Saint Laurent In Love Again woman, to the point where I bought a bunch of bottles off eBay because it got discontinued….and now I just have several of them because I’ve moved to a new selection of scents. (I assume I’ll get back to it eventually; I am keeping them somewhere cool.) I love Diptyque’s Eau de Lierre (I love Diptyque’s copywriting, too.) I love Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt. When I’m feeling super floral, I like Santa Maria Novella’s Gelsomino, which is their jasmine scent. (That’s a strong one.) Mostly this summer, I’ve been wearing the signature scent from Vacation, which smells just like summer, including base notes of “pool water, swimsuit spandex, sea salt.” What about you?

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