Somehow I have gotten on the mailing list for Viking River Cruises — yes, our friends who sponsored Downton Abbey — and, y’all, getting this catalog is a treat. When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was go through every catalog my parents got, and pick out one thing I wanted to buy on each page. (This took forever for the Sears catalog, as you can imagine.) The Viking catalog totally scratches that same itch. Do I want to cruise the Danube, or the Nile?! Let’s compare and contrast! Anyway, the six hours I spent doing this over the weekend got me to thinking — what’s your absolute DREAM vacation? This is a fantasy, so price is no object. You’ve got all the time off you need and if you need someone responsible to watch your kids or other family members or pets or plants or house — the most sensible and reliable and competent person is on the task. You have never felt better and your doctor says this trip can only improve any ailments you may have. In short: You have NO restrictions. Where are you going?

[Photo by Historia/Shutterstock]